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Business Advisors, CPA’s, M&A Professionals, Financial Advisors…

Analyze your client's operational & enterprise value quickly and easily.

Gain rapid insight into operational health and value.  Help your clients build and capture operational excellence.


Use the data we help you uncover to power your advisory services.



Our customers are buying CoreValue's Software and data services to assess Enterprise Value and Operational Excellence.

CoreValue-powered Advisors are extremely effective at helping CEOs build enterprise value.


What is CoreValue?

CoreValue is a cloud-based value assessment suite that helps business owners and CEOs assess the 18 Value Drivers to strengthen their companies.

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Benefits for Advisors

Business Development

CEOs and Business Owners visiting your website can use CoreValue to begin understanding their enterprise value:

  •  Offer a Free Value Diagnostic
  •  Visitors to your site take a 15-minute online evaluation
  •  Diagnostic Report is delivered to them automatically
  •  Because they used your site, they OK delivering the diagnostic snapshot and contact information to you
  •  Over 30% of these CEOs ask for long term consulting help

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Rapid Value Assessments

Value assessments and pre-due diligence have gone from months to minutes.

Understand your client’s top value drivers to develop a targeted, prioritized strategy for them to strengthen their companies and build value.

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Build Long-Term Relationships

Enroll your clients and prospects into CoreValue to provide them with an interactive experience.

This provides clients with motivation to retain your services as they improve and reclaim their value from the value gap.

This process is not only rewarding, but it gives them ultimate control of their Enterprise Value.

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The average conversion rate at which Engage® prospecting interviews deliver consulting opportunities.

The average conversion rate at which Assess® value assessments become long-term consulting engagements.

The average Enterprise Value created annually for companies across all CoreValue-powered Advisors.


Business Development, Powered by CoreValue

Free Value Report

Begin helping your clients and prospects with our free inital value diagnostic.  This also acts as a demo of the CoreValue process. In turn, you get a valuable snapshot of their business and the beginning of a relationship.

Marketing Playbook

Plan and launch a strategic marketing campaign to tell the world you are a great quarterback and coach. Our marketing kit and the data we help develop are the foundation for success.

Client Manager

See the big picture. Help clients progress from prospects through long-term relationships using your expertise to build and capture sustainable enterprise value. 


Branded Landing Pages

Invite clients and prospects to their free online evaluation on your white label landing page. No code, just place the link on your website and in emails.

Website Widget

For a seamless look, embed our Engage Invitation Widget on your website. Show your site visitors where your expertise can help.

Shout from Many Mountains

Tell the world about your expertise helping CEOs build and capture business value: you are a great quarterback and coach.  Advisors powered by CoreValue see benefits far beyond advisory use of the software.


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