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Our survey of M&A professionals uncovered a pair of 95’s

95% of business owners think their company is worth more than reality; and 95% of companies have at least one red flag threat to their ability to monetize.

Where does your company fall?

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$3.8M is the average gap in our customer’s company value

“Value Gap” refers to the delta between what a company is worth today, and what it could be worth with some work. Put another way, Value Gap = Growth Opportunity.

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Value enhancement opportunities

When CEOs assess themselves, they perceive that Barriers to Entry are well down the list of operational challenges. However, when asked to provide quantifiable data for this question, Barriers to Entry becomes the #1 value enhancement opportunity.

What is your #1 value enhancement opportunity?

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Clearly define roles and responsibilities

26.7% of companies report lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities. These companies are telling us they have dysfunctional teams and deeper organizational issues; these issues hurt company value. The goal of course is to be a valuable, best-of-breed operator.

How do you measure up?

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Company alignment is critical

Can everyone in your shop explain why you do what you do and why you’re better than the competition? If they can’t, they can’t all be pulling effectively on the oars.

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A culture of pride

A valuable company has a strong positive culture where employees are proud of their individual jobs and proud of the company they work for. 13.2% of companies using CoreValue report a failing company culture threatening their value.

How does your company rate, and how does this impact your company value in dollars and cents?

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Sales does not equal value

Just because you are hitting your numbers does not mean your sales are helping your company’s value. Huh? Here’s the key: do you have an effective Sales & Marketing organization with transparent processes and procedures? Sales is an art, but more importantly, it is a science.

How does your sales engine impact your company value?

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Operations can help or hurt your company value

Your employees show up on time, do their jobs, and your company chugs along at a satisfying pace. But wait... to be valuable, your company must deliver on the sales promises made to the marketplace and do it in a systematic and process-driven manner. Everyone in your enterprise must contribute.

Valuable companies rate highly. How do you rate?

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Measure growth from the outside looking in

Knowing that you are growing compared to yourself is like patting yourself on the back. Better to get an ovation from the market. Do you know how your growth compares in real terms to your competition? To your industry? Do you think your stakeholders, lenders, potential equity partners will see greater value if you have real business growth intelligence?

What is this intelligence worth?

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Do you have a strategic company plan that supports your personal wealth goals?

Lack of strategic business direction can impact you, your family, your future. Among the many cool things we do, CoreValue’s Assess software creates a strategic enterprise roadmap.

Is your strategic roadmap aligned to drive value?

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