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CoreValue Mission:

Reach One Million Businesses, One Company at a Time


Private businesses face many challenges as they build the ‘operational excellence’ required to drive growth and success. And when the time comes for transfer or sale, being able to prove they have it is even harder still. Did you know that the success rate for smoothly transferring SME ownership is just over 10%? A successful transfer or sale means post-transfer revenue, profit, and the job base are equal to or greater than pre-transfer.  Failure means no transfer or sale, or one in which revenue, profit and the job base are degraded or destroyed.  

Almost 90% of SME transfers fail at some level.  When we consider that the majority of our private businesses today—over 7 million in the US and Canada—are owned by CEO’s nearing retirement, we can easily see the size of the problem.  These businesses make up over 50% of our job base, and these jobs are at risk. The low transfer rate presents potential losses of trillions of dollars to our economy, not to mention devastation to communities when they lose their employment and tax bases.  We see a huge challenge here, but we also see an opportunity to help save and rebuild communities.  Our goal is to help 1,000,000 private businesses grow, prosper and be able to sell when the time is right.  


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  • I started making a profit on CoreValue® from day 1 in my M&A practice. My ROI is already 12X, absolutely outstanding. And with CoreValue®, I spend less time screening businesses and getting them ready to market – instead I'm getting more quality deals done.

    - Chad Morissette, CEO, Mor-Liquidity Mergers and Acquisitions

  • CoreValue is spot on! The value we calculate using our traditional valuation methods is consistent with the enterprise value generated by CoreValue®, but with CoreValue® we have clearer understanding of the drivers of value, and how to make the business worth more. I’d never seen a product that could do that.

    - Ron Everett, Managing Partner, Business Valuation Center

  • Offering CoreValue® has furthered our reputation as a progressive and evolutionary consulting practice that sees the big picture and looks beyond the balance sheet. CoreValue® has been instrumental in our success.

    - Candace Enman, President, WelchGroup Consulting

  • CoreValue is going to be a great tool for us. The software gives you a road map. It’s alive and interactive and you can update it with your client’s improvements

    - Tom Decosimo, Principal, DECOSIMO

  • CoreValue® has become my own business development engine. The software has helped my clients better use their time and money to solve business problems. And they relied on me to help them all along the way.

    - Dan McMahon, CPA, Integrated Growth Advisors

  • CoreValue® has elevated my value as a business advisor. Now I can offer a credible valuation and consultative process to improve enterprise value. As a result, my practice has become notable and the relationships I forge using the tool have deepened.

    - Sally J. Boyle, CFP, ChFC, CLU. Owner, Boyle Wealth Planning


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