Trusted Business Advisors: Helping CEOs Build and Capture Value 

You've been navigating these waters for years.  Those years give you the  experience and wisdom CEOs can count on to build and capture value.  You know all too well that financials look backwards, they paint a picture of what happened yesterday.  Financials are important, but are rarely helpful when it comes time to measure the real value of a company looking forward. They cannot, for instance, put a value on vital but intangible aspects such as a company’s market share, its brand, its ingenuity, its goodwill, or contracts with customers and vendors.

Using sophisticated algorithms first developed at MIT and tested in-market for decades, CoreValue® Software approaches enterprise value by looking ‘under the hood’ of a business–quantifying the strength, durability, and efficiency of the gears that allow a business to generate revenue and profit year after year. When combined with up-to-date industry transaction data and financial performance, CoreValue® will not only estimate your enterprise value, but will identify your potential value and the drivers holding it back.