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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Business owners, CEOs, CFOs, financial advisors, accountants, bankers, board members, trustees . . . CoreValue is designed for people who need to know the true value of a business, how the operations of a business are affecting its value, and how to increase value and improve operations.
  • In short, to see where you can build and capture enterprise value. Longer answer, CoreValue’s primary function is to accurately calculate the true value of a business, based on financial, operational and market factors. In that process, we also identify your value gap: those areas where your value falls short of its full potential. With that information, CoreValue creates a list of action steps you can take to improve operations and increase value. Our clients use CoreValue to diagnose and fix problems in operations; to track value growth; to educate stakeholders about the value and operations of the business; for exit planning, to facilitate successful transitions, whether from generation to generation, ownership to management, or management to a buyer; and to serve as a communications tool for owners, managers, advisors, boards, banks, and business partners.
  • Using sophisticated algorithms first developed at MIT, CoreValue quantifies both operational and market value drivers such as market share, brand, innovation, contracts with customers and vendors – often revealing millions of dollars of unrealized existing value. In all, CoreValue uses 18 Value Drivers to calculate transferable enterprise value at the operational and market level. Users start by answering an online assessment that covers each of the 18 Value Drivers. As you enter your answers, CoreValue quantifies the durability, sustainability, and efficiency of your business and provides a rating score on a scale from 0-100. The higher your score, the greater probability your business will be able to generate future revenue and profit at or above its current rate. An online workbook helps guide users through the question-and-answer session and the analysis of the reports.
  • We will guide you with a set of concrete action steps to capture your value gap. This is a specific list of steps CEO’s and managers can take to increase value if monetization is the goal, but it’s also a guide to improving operations and making the business stronger and more profitable. The action steps fall under each of the 18 Value Drivers and are rated literally by “bang for the buck,” so you’ll know which Value Drivers are not performing and what specific steps will provide the biggest return for the least effort. As an operational tool, CoreValue lets you monitor results, update business data, and adjust strategy as you complete each of the action steps and move on to the next.
  • Customers can usually answer the assessment questions and generate their business value reports in about 90 minutes --in a single session, or in separate bites. You, maybe with help from your team and/or trusted advisor, will have plenty of fuel to take your company to new heights.
  • Heck yes. It's really very intuitive. If you want a guide going through your Assess reports, on-line training is available. CoreValue provides a logical and intuitive framework designed for users of all experience levels.
  • CoreValue’s powerful reports cover five areas beginning with the Overview Report, a summary of all five substantive reports. Being on-line, you can easily move from area to area and drill down from summary to detail at the click of your mouse. Of course, any and all of your reports can be printed directly from the browser. Your company’s Enterprise Value, Potential Value and Value Gap; Value Gap allocated among the 18 value drivers; Your CoreValue Rating plus how you stack up against other businesses; Potential Red Flags threats to some or all of your company’s value; Action Planning, "What if?" simulations, and more.
  • Very accurate. There's a white paper in the research area on this point: we're routinely back tested against formal financial valuations, and have been repeatedly shown to come within 5-10% (and always within the confidence margin). The good news is this: unlike a traditional static business valuation, CoreValue measures the health and worth of the drivers of enterprise value, providing you transparency into why your business is worth what it is, and how to make your company worth more.
  • CoreValue generates accurate and actionable business value information, in contrast to a financial valuation which is static. Financial valuations are important at the appropriate time, but unlike CoreValue's operational value, the financial valuation is not actionable --leaving you to ask "I have my financial valuation, now what?" With CoreValue you won't have to ask: our customers use us to make their companies worth more, $1B in the past year alone. CoreValue measures your operations, then our sophisticated algorithms calculate the value of your company as an operating asset, able to generate revenues and profits into the future.
  • Yes. The components used in the CoreValue algorithm (normalized trading range for each industry, and the normalized ratio between revenue and EBITDA for each industry) are obtained through both internally-generated data and multiple external sources – including GF Data, Pratt’s Stats, BizComps, BizMiner, Business Reference Guide and First Research – all of which are national, notable and vetted resources commonly used by M&A, valuation, and other professionals.
  • CoreValue can be used by separate business units if the unit being Assessed operates as a separately-functioning entity which can be marketed separately and sold separately. If the units are operationally intertwined in a way that makes it difficult or inappropriate to separate them they should be treated as a single business with a single CoreValue assessment.
  • No. CoreValue is server based (SaaS), and is delivered from the cloud using standard Web browsers: you can access your data using your desktop computer, laptop, and or pads. The software, data storage, and calculations all take place on our secure servers.
  • Extremely. Access to CoreValue is made possible exclusively through a secure https connection. All communication between the browser and the web application is encrypted, and the application certificate is securely identified by a signed certificate. Customer data is stored on database servers operated by the web application hosting company Heroku, which is owned by Salesforce.com and operates on Amazon AWS servers. Heroku uses appropriate administrative, technical, and physical security measures to protect all customer data. Uploaded customer documents are stored directly on Amazon AWS servers; no other suppliers or contractors have access to customer data. Client data and documents are backed up daily by Amazon to provide 99.9999% durability. Multiple backups are maintained for additional redundancy. For more information about security, please visit our Privacy & Security FAQ.

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  • I started making a profit on CoreValue® from day 1 in my M&A practice. My ROI is already 12X, absolutely outstanding. And with CoreValue®, I spend less time screening businesses and getting them ready to market – instead I'm getting more quality deals done.

    - Chad Morissette, CEO, Mor-Liquidity Mergers and Acquisitions

  • CoreValue is spot on! The value we calculate using our traditional valuation methods is consistent with the enterprise value generated by CoreValue®, but with CoreValue® we have clearer understanding of the drivers of value, and how to make the business worth more. I’d never seen a product that could do that.

    - Ron Everett, Managing Partner, Business Valuation Center

  • Offering CoreValue® has furthered our reputation as a progressive and evolutionary consulting practice that sees the big picture and looks beyond the balance sheet. CoreValue® has been instrumental in our success.

    - Candace Enman, President, WelchGroup Consulting

  • CoreValue is going to be a great tool for us. The software gives you a road map. It’s alive and interactive and you can update it with your client’s improvements

    - Tom Decosimo, Principal, DECOSIMO

  • CoreValue® has become my own business development engine. The software has helped my clients better use their time and money to solve business problems. And they relied on me to help them all along the way.

    - Dan McMahon, CPA, Integrated Growth Advisors

  • CoreValue® has elevated my value as a business advisor. Now I can offer a credible valuation and consultative process to improve enterprise value. As a result, my practice has become notable and the relationships I forge using the tool have deepened.

    - Sally J. Boyle, CFP, ChFC, CLU. Owner, Boyle Wealth Planning


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