Business Owners: Using CoreValue to Capture and Build Enterprise Value --Use Cases

Jim Lewis, Owner Harvey & Lewis Opticians

For 120 years, Harvey & Lewis Opticians has been providing the greater Hartford, CT area with quality eye care. Jim Lewis, owner of Harvey & Lewis, wanted to help his company grow from a ‘mom-and-pop’ company, to a larger, more professionally-managed enterprise so someday he could remove himself from the day-to-day operations. In order to do so, Jim needed a ‘playbook’ that he and his team could follow – to make the leap and ensure the business would grow and have value well beyond him.

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Flemming Tinker, President Aperture Optical Sciences

As a 2-year old start-up manufacturer of ultra-precise optics and systems for airborne vision systems, President Flemming Tinker was looking for a roadmap to help him scale his business. CoreValue Software helped Flemming and his business partner develop a plan to move the business forward – making it scalable, less prone to errors, more enjoyable, better performing, and ultimately, a valuable, transferrable company.

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Malcolm Cooper, President JK Adams

For over 65 years, JK Adams has been a leader in innovative wood household products and design, and vital to the local economy in Dorset, VT. With the help of CoreValue Software, JK Adams isn’t just relying on trimming costs to stay competitive in today’s global market. Instead the company is investing in what made it valuable in the first place so the businesses can continue to thrive for generations to come.

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Jill Butler, Owner The J List

When you walk into The J List retail store and meet store owner Jill Butler, you’ll feel like you’ve known Jill your whole life (or wish you have). With an uncanny ability to understand and remember her clients, Jill can find exactly what you need and help solve any shopping dilemma as if she were your own personal shopper. But with CoreValue, Jill now understands that she needs to transfer the value from her to her business. Today Jill is building her business ‘engine’, creating services and processes that embody her philosophy so her business can scale well beyond her.
Lauryn Franzoni, President Leadership IQ

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA with offices in many of the fastest growing markets around the world, Leadership IQ is A top-rated research and management consulting firm providing employee engagement surveys and leadership training to the world’s most successful organizations and their leaders. “CoreValue makes decision-making easier. Simple to use, it combines complex data and your inputs to recommend where to prioritize your time and resources, and get the biggest return on the choices you make. And because it’s “in the cloud” you can use it anytime, anywhere. The fact that the web service is backed by real, live people who are easily accessible by phone means our business can have premium advisory services when we need it and well within our budget.” Lauryn Franzoni, President
Mike Mulrenan, CEO and President ProEx Physical Therapy

Mike has built one of the most recognized regional brands in physical therapy, scaling from a single community clinic to 8 in three years. His success has been based largely on his ‘people focus’, and he recently received Boston Business Journal’s ‘Best Places to Work”. With CoreValue, Mike understands the underlying drivers of his company’s value beyond his profit and loss statement, and as he scales for the future, he is using CoreValue to to secure the capital he needs to keep growing while not losing his ‘people focus’.