Trusted Business Advisors: Using CoreValue to Help CEOs Build Sustainable, Transferable Enterprise Value

Bob Zider, CEO, Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC)

Since 1995, the primary mission of the Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC) has been to improve manufacturing in Vermont and strengthen the global competitiveness of the state’s smaller manufacturers by providing hands-on implementation assistance, consulting, training, and coaching. ”CoreValue® helps us do our job better”, according to Bob Zider, CEO of VMEC. ”VMEC offers a range of services and solutions to help companies improve their processes . CoreValue® has the ability to quantify the key value drivers of a successful private company and allow VMEC advisors to focus on improvement activities with the biggest impacts in order to increase our clients performance and enterprise value.”  CoreValue is used by almost half of US Manufacturing Extension Partnerships.  We are proud to help bring manufacturing back to America.  

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WelchGroup Consulting, Ottawa Canada

As one of Ottawa’s leading accounting firms, Welch LLP was seeking a tool for their consulting division, WelchGroup, to help business owners manage growth and maximize the return on their investment at the point of an exit. CoreValue® allows Welch to put a forward-thinking, support mechanism and tool in place, to help owners prioritize and focus on tasks and position the company for growth while creating long term, sustainable and transferable value.

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Ron Everett, Managing Partner, Business Valuation Center, Herndon, VA

“ So far I’ve conducted nearly a dozen pilot studies using CoreValue® from high-tech, to manufacturing, to service industries. The value we calculated using our traditional methods was consistent with the enterprise value generated by CoreValue®, but with CoreValue® we had clearer understanding of the drivers of value, and how to make the business worth more. I’d never seen a product that could do that.”

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John Carvalho, CA, CBV, CF Stone Oak Capital

As president of a leading Canadian advisory firm focused on value creation and acquisitions, John Carvalho has made it his mission to find better ways to help business owners sell their businesses. John believes that CoreValue® is a better way.

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Chad Morissette, CEO, Mor-Liquidity Mergers and Acquisitions

“I’ve been in the M&A business for 7 years and the CoreValue® solution is now a key service of our overall value proposition to sellers. It is an excellent starting point for discussions with a business owner when they are considering an exit. We now mandate CoreValue® to our customers or we do not enter an engagement with them”.

William P. Murray, Executive Director CITEC Business Solutions, Potsdam, NY

“What a great way to help our MEP clients! Like any MEP center, at CITEC, we want to help our small and medium sized manufacturers decrease costs, increase profits and grow their business to become stronger companies in our region. We are in the ‘beta’ stages of our roll-out of CoreValue®, and are already impressed by how easy the tools are to use, the training and marketing support provided, and the easy-to-follow steps the software provides so our delivery staff can have those critical, strategic ‘C-Suite’ conversations.”
Dan McMahon, CPA, Integrated Growth Advisors

With 20 years as a professional CPA, Dan McMahon was looking for ways to differentiate his business and become a high-value, high-quality business advisor for his clients. CoreValue provided the perfect platform for Dan to help his clients learn how to leverage their strengths and shore up their weaknesses. ”CoreValue Software has become my own business development engine”

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Jay Rasmus, Partner, Mahoney, Sabol & Company, LLP

“CoreValue® and its intuitive functionality, clear and informative graphics, and powerful task generator, helped us get in front of prospects that otherwise would have said, ‘no thanks; we’re happy with our CPA firm’.”

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Dave Duval, Founder Riverview CFO, LLC, Quechee, VT

“CoreValue® is the perfect tool for clients looking to improve performance, raise capital, evaluate acquisition candidates, prepare for exit, or confirm internal assessments and goals among senior management teams.”

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Jack Pfunder, Director and CEO, Manufacturers Resource Center, Bethlehem, PA

“The CoreValue product is a valuable tool to engage the executive management team of a company and learn learn a great deal about the company in a very short time. The output is clear and concise and will enable MRC to support future manufacturing growth in our 5 county region as we roll the product out to more clients.”